The Composite Value Proposition

With so much data, the difference between business leaders and also-rans is how well they leverage their data.


With Composite, you benefit in several important ways.

  • Gain more business insights by leveraging all your data – Empower your people with instant access to all the data they want, the way they want it.
  • Respond faster to your ever changing analytics and BI needs – Five to ten times faster time to solution than traditional data integration.
  • Save 50-75% over data replication and consolidation – Stop copying so much data. Data virtualization’s streamlined approach reduces complexity and saves money.

Meet the Composite Users

Composite has been selected by nearly two hundred of world’s largest organizations to help them take big advantage of their data.  Within these enterprises, Composite is used by:

  • Business Leaders – Composite helps you drive business advantage from your data.
  • Information Consumers – From spreadsheet user to data scientist, Composite provides instant access to all the data you want, the way you want it.
  • CIOs and IT Leaders – Composite’s agile integration approach lets you respond faster to ever changing analytics and BI needs and do it for less.
  • CTOs and Architects – Composite adds data integration flexibility so you can successfully evolve your data management strategy and architecture.
  • Integration Developers – Easy to learn and highly productive to use, Composite lets you deliver more business value sooner.

Composite Across the Enterprise

Composite provides the critical data for Agile Analytics and BI for a wide range of business use cases across multiple industries. Composite also flexibly supports diverse data virtualization architecture patterns and addresses multiple data integration and management challenges.

Composite Under the Covers

Composite pioneered data virtualization, an agile data integration approach that provides instant access to the data your business users require, while shielding them from IT’s complexity. Enterprise, cloud, big data, and more, no problem!

Today, we are widely acknowledged as the data virtualization market leader. Our Composite Data Virtualization Platform is the most proven in the market with over 350 man years of R&D, six million lines of code and millions of hours of operational deployment. And the data management expertise Composite can bring to bear for our customers is unparalleled.

Composite and You

That’s about us.  But what about you? 

We would value the opportunity to help you gain big advantage from your data.