Data Virtualization’s Business Value

Data virtualization has a compelling business case. The following drivers make data virtualization a “must have” for any large organization today.

  • Profit Growth – Data virtualization delivers the information your organization requires to increase revenue and reduce costs.
  • Risk Reduction – Data virtualization’s up-to-the-minute business insights help you manage business risk and reduce compliance penalties. Plus data virtualization’s rapid development and quick iterations lower your IT project risk.
  • Technology Optimization – Data virtualization improves utilization of existing server and storage investments. And with less storage required, hardware and governance savings are substantial.
  • Staff Productivity – Data virtualization’s easy-to-use, high-productivity design and development environments improve your staff effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Time-to-Solution Acceleration – Your data virtualization projects are completed faster so business benefits are derived sooner. Lower project costs are an additional agility benefit.

Data Virtualization’s Business Value

Cisco’s Customer Value Framework

The Cisco Customer Value Framework is a comprehensive approach for assessing, delivering and communicating value designed to assist you prove out the value of your data virtualization investments.

Expert consultants from Cisco’s Customer Value Organization provide all the tools, methods, deliverables, and assistance required at no charge, to implement the framework across a full value life-cycle. Cisco is the only data virtualization vendor to provide this service.

Assessing Data Virtualization Value

Your data virtualization investments compete for funding and must demonstrate a superior return on investment. The Cisco Customer Value Framework provides value calculation tools and value assessment deliverables to help you proactively assess the business and IT value from your data virtualization investments.

Delivering Data Virtualization Value

The actual value derived from data virtualization can be millions per year according to Cisco customers such as Pfizer, Qualcomm, NYSE Euronext and many more. Below are just a few examples.

Communicating Data Virtualization Value

Investing in data virtualization is an important business decision. Your internal stake holders and external constituents want to know how your enterprise or government agency is benefiting from the intelligent use of Cisco data virtualization. As such, internally and externally communicating the value your data virtualization projects is a critical component of the Cisco Customer Value Framework.

The Cisco Customer Value Organization collaborates with members of your team to develop any or all of the following communication deliverables including case studies, videos, presentations, references and more.