Data Governance Is Critical Today

In recent years, data volumes, complexity, and compliance requirements have grown dramatically, making data governance an increasingly critical element in your enterprise information management strategy. Data governance gives your business users confidence in the data and helps IT show proper stewardship over this most critical enterprise asset.

Data Virtualization Mitigates Root Causes of Data Governance Problems

The Cisco Data Virtualization Platform helps enterprises achieve their data governance goals sooner by mitigating data governance problems and simplifying data governance implementations.

  • Reduce Data Replication to Simplify the Governance Effort – Cisco data virtualization integrates data without replication so you can govern data in the original systems of record.  Without extra copies, data governance is easier and more manageable.
  • Bridge Data Silos to Enable Enterprisewide Data Governance Approaches – Data silo proliferation has worsened with new purpose-built data stores including transactional sources, operational data stores, data warehouses, data marts, and more. Cisco data virtualization allows IT to marshal these diverse silos into an enterprisewide data layer with a common schema, shareable security, better quality and auditablity.
  • Hide IT Complexity to Speed Data Governance Adoption – IT architectures are so complex that they are a huge barrier to adoption of new data governance policies and processes. Cisco data virtualization’s agility facilitates change when implementing effective data governance policies and processes.

    Data Virtualization Capabilities Support Effective Data Governance

    The Cisco Data Virtualization Platform supports the accessibility, consistency, quality, security, and auditability capabilities required for effective data governance. 

    • Controlled Data Access – Cisco data virtualization simplifies governance of data access, integration, and delivery data because it avoids the physical builds and testing that replication and consolidation approaches require.
    • Data Consistency Assured – Cisco data virtualization lets you provide consistent and complete data canonicals applicable to all aspects of the business.
    • Improved Data Quality – Cisco data virtualization leverages “systems of record” when delivering data while also supporting data quality practices like enrichment and standardization, so your data stewards have more options for ensuring the highest data quality.
    • Enterprisewide Data Security – Cisco data virtualization leverages single-sign-on to enable common security authorization, authentication and encryption policies across any and all data.
    • Data Auditability Anytime – Cisco data virtualization simplifies and strengthens data governance by integrating data directly from original source and delivering it directly to the consumer without creating a disconnected copy of the data in the middle.  When auditing is required, full lineage is readily available anytime.