Physical Operational Data Stores Can Be Overkill for Many Needs

Operational data stores (ODS) are a proven integration approach to support operational reporting and analysis needs.  When transaction volumes that require analysis are high or when significant data transformations are required, offloading this data from transactional sources to a physical data store can be the smart move. But often query volume doesn’t justify this level of investment, especially when source transaction system capacity and availability are not an issue.

Create a Virtual Operational Data Store to Federate Transactional Data Sources Directly

Cisco data virtualization provides an agile, cost effective data integration approach that let you build and operate virtual operational data stores. CIS-based virtual operational data stores are especially effective when:

  • Time to solution and frequent change place a premium on agility.
  • The consuming solution requires real-time insight from fast changing sources.
  • Data volumes, transformation, and cleansing workloads are supportable at runtime.
  • Replication is constrained by data ownership or compliance rules.
  • Development and support costs must be reduced.
Virtual Operational Data Stores

Virtual Operational Data Stores

When Virtual is the Smart Move

When choosing between physical and virtual ODS options, architects have to consider a number of business, data source and data consumer considerations. To assist them in this decision process, Cisco worked with customers and industry analysts to develop an easy-to-use data Integration strategy decision tool.

Beyond this tool, in her recent white paper, leading business intelligence and data integration analyst, Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D, provides additional guidance in To V or Not to V: Business Intelligence Gets Virtual!

Selected Examples

  • Well Maintenance & Repair Operational Data Store -  Virtual data store combines repair rig status, staffing availability, best practice procedures, maintenance records, flow rates, and more from disparate systems to enable real-time dispatching of repair resources at a large US oil company.