7x24 Global Operations Need Up-to-the-Second Data

As enterprises become ever more distributed and complex, data integration becomes increasingly difficult, especially in industries such as broker/dealers, process manufacturers, and power distribution where real-time data is essential. For example, in today’s 7x24 financial markets, real-time delivery of positions, prices and trades data can significantly improve trading profits, reduce risk, improve compliance, and cut operational costs.

Providing data in real-time around the globe is a difficult system design challenge as it requires a range of robust data integration capabilities including data virtualization, change data capture, messaging, and data consolidation – each contributing their greatest strengths to a harmonious and accelerated result.

Globally-distributed Data Virtualization Layer

Data Virtualization Teams with CDC and ESB to Distribute Data Globally

As transactions occur anywhere in the world, change data capture immediately offloads data from transaction systems to operational data stores.  Data services built and run on the Cisco Data Virtualization Platform then surface this data to downstream consumers using both push and pull techniques. By providing a range of caching techniques, including distributed and centralized, incremental and batch, and in-memory and database, an by working transparently with leading ESB messaging middleware, CIS can get the latest data where it needs to be, from a trader’s desktop in Asia to a compliance officer’s dashboard in Manhattan, in a few seconds or less.

Selected Examples

  • Real time Reference Data, Worldwide – To better control trading risk and costs that arose due to several successful acquisitions, this global money center bank realized they needed a new data infrastructure that would require the most advanced capabilities from several best of breed data integration middleware providers including Golden Gate for CDC, Tibco for ESB, Oracle for databases, and Cisco for data virtualization. Not only did CIS provide the critical data services that globally distribute this reference data to a multiple analytic and compliance applications, CIS architects helped design the overall approach.