Data Virtualization

Going Beyond Traditional Data Integration
to Achieve Business Agility

Judith R. Davis and Robert Eve

Data Virtualization Book


Business agility is critical today. Data virtualization provides a proven path. As data virtualization has evolved from a solution for early adopters to an established data integration approach and technology for mainstream enterprises, the demand for success stories and best practices has exploded.

This book, the first ever on data virtualization, fills this information void with ten in-depth cases studies from data virtualization adopters across a range of industries. Challenges, solutions, benefits, best practices and more make this book a must read for business and IT leaders seeking business agility.


Case Study One

With millions of Comcast customers managing their products and services online, Comcast needed a way to optimize the execution of account ownership changes. Comcast implemented a data virtualization layer to improve both the accuracy and performance of account ownership changes. This layer, managed by the Composite Data Virtualization Platform, enabled Comcast to reduce the time needed to process a customer request for an ownership change from 10 seconds to 1.2 seconds while also improving customer satisfaction.

Compassion International

Case Study Two

Compassion International is the world's largest Christian child development organization. It serves more than 1.2 million children today with the goal of quadrupling beneficiaries by 2020. To achieve this goal, IT needed to modernize its information infrastructure. Key to Compassion's new information infrastructure is a data virtualization layer and enterprise information model implemented with the Composite Data Virtualization Platform. Compassion now meets demanding new information requirements 50% faster with improved data quality and integrity.

Fortune 50 Computer Manufacturer

Case Study Three

This company provides innovative technology and services worldwide. With increased outsourcing of manufacturing, the company needed to provide an up-to-the-minute, integrated, global view of orders and inventory across six regional procurement systems. The company's data virtualization solution uses the Composite Data Virtualization Platform to integrate global procurement data for analysis and reporting. This approach delivered a faster solution than a data warehouse alternative, reduced IT costs by over a million dollars per year and improved inventory turns and customer satisfaction.

Fortune 50 Financial Services Firm

Case Study Four

This firm provides a full range of financial products and services worldwide. After acquiring another financial services organization, the firm needed a way to quickly integrate systems and data across the two merging companies. The firm implemented data virtualization using the Composite Data Virtualization Platform to meet critical time constraints during the merger while providing a new level of flexibility. Furthermore, the firm now has the ability to add additional revenue streams through data services.

Global 50 Energy Company

Case Study Five

This company, one of the largest oil and gas producers, has data stored in multiple locations and systems. The company needed a way to provide access to information for analysis, reporting and decision-making in a complete and consistent manner. A data virtualization solution, implemented with the Composite Data Virtualization Platform, supports these business intelligence and analytic needs. The company has reduced risk, increased revenue and improved efficiency and resource allocation to enhance agility and competitiveness.

Global 100 Financial Services Firm

Case Study Six

This firm is a leading global provider of financial solutions for corporate, institutional and private clients. In order to leapfrog the competition, the company implemented a data virtualization layer using the Composite Data Virtualization Platform. This solution allows the IT infrastructure to be flexible and efficient, supports more effective business decisions and market insights and enables more cost-effective and efficient use of application development resources.

Northern Trust

Case Study Seven

Northern Trust is a leading provider of innovative financial solutions for corporations, institutions and affluent individuals. As the number of institutional customers in its outsourcing pipeline grew, the bank decided to change its IT infrastructure. Northern Trust implemented a data virtualization layer managed by the Composite Data Virtualization Platform. This solution provides a 50% reduction in time to on board new institutions and a 200% return on investment.

NYSE Euronext

Case Study Eight

NYSE Euronext is a leading global operator of financial markets and provider of innovative trading technologies. The sheer complexity of its business and operating environment and the requirement to meet strict service-level agreements create challenges. Using the Composite Data Virtualization Platform, NYSE Euronext enhances agility and optimizes the overall performance of the organization's data delivery environment. NYSE Euronext has already identified savings of over $4.5 million annually from migrating one application to the data virtualization platform.


Case Study Nine

Pfizer is the world's largest drug manufacturer. With a complex portfolio of projects that is constantly changing, the biggest challenge was the need for an easy and simple method to obtain integrated information that allows managers and scientists to analyze and make decisions about resource allocation. Pfizer's solution is a data virtualization approach, implemented with the Composite Data Virtualization Platform. The agility and flexibility that this architecture provides is a key success factor for Pfizer.


Case Study Ten

Qualcomm is a world leader in next-generation mobile technologies. In a rapidly changing business environment, Qualcomm was challenged to get things done faster while effectively managing multiple terabytes of data. Qualcomm's solution is an enterprise-wide data virtualization layer, built with the Composite Data Virtualization Platform. Through increased agility and speed of execution, data virtualization improved Qualcomm's decision effectiveness and IT efficiency. Furthermore, the estimated reduction in development costs for initial projects was over $2 million.

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Time to value is a critical business issue facing understaffed and underfunded IT departments today. This book provides useful real-world case studies and a practical roadmap for navigating your data virtualization implementations.

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Today's dynamic businesses require agile approaches to managing IT operations. In this book, leading companies share how data virtualization was key to their successes.

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If you have not thought about data virtualization, you’re missing a key tool that leverages modern system architectures to help deliver vital business value from growing numbers of data sources. Start here, and use these ideas as a foundation for your future architecture.

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Many thanks to Composite Software and ten of its customers for sharing their pragmatic approaches to business agility and data virtualization.

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