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Composite Software Extends its Family of High Performance Data Virtualization Source System Adapters

Composite Software’s PerformancePlus™ Adapters provide highly optimized access to IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Teradata source systems

San Mateo, CA — July 12, 2011 — Composite Software, the data virtualization performance leader, announced today a new release of the company’s data virtualization source system adapter product family that simplifies and accelerates high-performance access to popular enterprise applications from Oracle, SAP, and, relational and multi-dimensional data sources from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP BW, Sybase, and Teradata, “big data” stores such as IBM Netezza and the Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop.

Formerly marketed as Composite Application Data Services, Composite’s complete line of Composite PerformancePlus Adapters have been upgraded in conjunction with the latest release of the Composite Data Virtualization Platform.  Composite 6 added two new PerformancePlus Core Data Adapters for SAP Sybase IQ and HP Vertica.  Composite PerformancePlus Adapters provide unique performance optimization capabilities and development acceleration that goes far beyond simple metadata (schema) mapping and lowest common denominator access standards such as ODBC or JDBC offered by other vendors.

“The ability of Composite PerformancePlus Adapters to intelligently evaluate and leverage the specific capabilities of each underlying data source enables Composite’s query engine to deliver optimal federated query performance is very compelling,” said William McKnight, president of McKnight Consulting Group.  “This jumpstart, when combined with a number of other advanced optimization algorithms and techniques, enable Composite Software to provide unprecedented levels of performance and open the door for a wider set of data virtualization use cases.”

“This new release of our Composite PerformancePlus Adapters further reinforces the breadth and depth of our enterprise data integration capabilities that now goes far beyond our original set of enterprise applications to add diverse sources such as SAP BW, Oracle Essbase, Hadoop, Netezza and more,” added Peter Tran, Composite Software vice president of product marketing.


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Composite Software, Inc. is the data virtualization performance leader.  Backed by a decade of pioneering R&D, Composite Software is the data virtualization gold standard at 10 of the top 20 banks, six of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, four of the top five energy firms, major communications providers and the world’s largest IT organization, the US Army. These and hundreds of other global organizations rely on the Composite Data Virtualization Platform to fulfill their ever-changing information requirements with greater agility and lower costs. Composite is privately held, with corporate headquarters in San Mateo, CA. To contact Composite, please call (650) 227-8200, visit us on the Web at or follow us on twitter

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