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Leading Experts to Present on Data Virtualization at Enterprise Data World

Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies and Christopher Bradley of IPL will present Composite Software data virtualization strategies and implementation successes

SAN MATEO, Calif. — March 29, 2011 — Two of Europe’s leading business intelligence consultants will present on the topic of data virtualization at Enterprise Data World, scheduled for April 3-7 in Chicago, IL.

Mike Ferguson, Managing Director of UK-based Intelligent Business Strategies Limited, a leading analyst and consulting firm specializing in the areas of business intelligence and enterprise business integration will present a Data Management in a Cloud Computing Environment tutorial on April 4.  In his session, Ferguson will explore the challenges of consistently managing data in a cloud computing environment including disciplines such as maintaining data privacy, data access security, data quality, data consolidation, data virtualization and federation, replication, master data management and data synchronization.  As part of his tutorial, Ferguson will demonstrate data integration from a combination of on-premise and cloud data sources using the Composite Software Data Virtualization Platform.

“As the adoption of public and private cloud computing continues to grow, there is an increasing demand to seamlessly manage and govern massive amounts of data in a consistent way irrespective of its location in a cloud computing environment,” Ferguson said.  “Data virtualization enables complex data from multiple systems, regardless of location, to be presented in a form that is commonly understood by users across the enterprise.”

Christopher Bradley, Business Consulting Director with IPL (Information Processing Limited), a UK-based IT services company and Composite Software partner, will present How Do You Want Your Data Served? The Roles of Open Source BI and Data Virtualization on April 5.  In the session, Bradley will discuss how the rapid growth and diversity of information assets spread throughout the enterprise frequently means the time to solution through traditional ETL solutions can present problems.  Bradley will detail five ways data virtualization can add value to data warehousing, as well as key considerations when deciding between ETL and data virtualization—or a combination of the two.  He will also share Composite Software data virtualization best practices within global top-five integrated energy provider and global pharmaceutical companies. 

“The availability of a new generation of data virtualization tools and business intelligence (BI) solutions which easily integrate with ERP systems has undoubtedly provided real benefit in reducing overall time to solution and a business opportunity for those organizations who best leverage those data assets,” Bradley said.

“The difficulties in dealing with the ongoing data explosion and the proliferation of ever-more diverse data sources has resulted in companies being open to reevaluating their data integration strategies,”  said Robert Eve, executive vice president of Marketing for Composite Software.  “Data virtualization is clearly emerging as a trusted solution for today’s complex data integration challenges.”   


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