The Data Virtualization Gold Standard Shines Brighter

Continuing Composite Software’s tradition as the data virtualization market innovation and performance leader, Composite 6 advances the Composite Data Virtualization Platform with new, state-of-the-art capabilities designed to meet today’s extreme information management requirements.

Building on data virtualization solutions proven at the world’s largest and most successful enterprises, Composite 6:

  • Enables unprecedented levels of analysis by integrating “Big Data” with enterprise data;
  • Accelerates already best-in-class query performance to support larger data sets and more complex analyses; and
  • Advances distributed caching, ease-of-use and governance to improve enterprise-scale adoption.

Only Composite Software, the data virtualization gold standard, has the focus, offerings and expertise to successfully address the toughest enterprise data virtualization challenges.

Analysts Reports

Composite 6 Impact Brief
– Shawn Rogers, Vice President Research, Business Intelligence at EMA 6/2011

Composite 6 InDetail
– Robin Bloor Ph.D, Bloor Group 6/2011

Analysts Support Composite 6

Multiple leading business intelligence and data integration analysts have commented on Composite 6.  Below are selected examples.

“Composite 6 has lots of interesting updates. I still see it as the best tool out there to build data services/APIs on a warehouse.”

Mark Madsen, Third Nature

“The release of Composite 6 aligns with industry trends focused around eliminating IT complexity, meeting demands of a more sophisticated user and delivering a wider variety of data to the enterprise.  Composite 6 delivers a comprehensive and well thought out Big Data strategy that further confirms Composite Software’s position as a leader in the space. This release demonstrates the continued maturity of Composite Software’s overall strategy and product execution.”

Shawn Rogers, Enterprise Management Associates

“Great new performance features in Composite 6, such as ship joins and incremental caching, plus access to Hadoop via Hive.”

Rick van der Lans, R20/Consultancy

“Integrating big data, both structured and unstructured,  into the enterprise for advanced analytics and reporting is an issue that organizations increasingly need to deal with.  Composite 6, the continuing evolution of Composite Software’s proven data virtualization technology, will facilitate this process thus allowing organizations to improve their analysis capabilities and achieve additional business insights.”

Michael Schiff, MAS Strategies

“The folks at Composite Software continue to widen their product’s appeal with the release of version 6.0.  Focusing on support for big data and deeper optimization techniques meet the technologists’ needs to address the data explosion, while improved governance and increased ease of use support a broader range of solution-based use cases.”

David Loshin, Knowledge Integrity

“Fast forward another ten years and access to heterogeneous data is back on the agenda big time, this time under the name virtualization and the launch of Composite 6 yesterday ups the ante again.  While there is lots of fascinating stuff in the release about improving performance, caching and governance, my attention was drawn particularly to the inclusion of “big data” integration support.”

Barry Devlin sSight Consulting

“All in all, I believe that the continued advances in the Composite virtualization suite make it one of the better options for telecoms to overcome the legacy (network, billing) and ‘next generation’ (social, geo-spatial) data silos that seem to impact telecom organizations more than others.”

John Meyers, Blue Buffalo Group

“The inclusion of direct access to Hadoop/ Hive, Netezza and other ‘big data’ sources together with incremental caching means that Composite 6 is truly capable of addressing the bigger and more complex data problems seen in IPL’s multinational clients.”

Christopher Bradley, IPL