CIS Discovery enables IT professionals to go beyond profiling to examine data, locate key entities and reveal hidden connections in their enterprise data.  You can use that knowledge to quickly build rich data models for data virtualization and other information initiatives. The models allow you to access and show live data, making it easier to validate business requirements with end users.

Once you have validated that the models match business requirements, you can transfer them to the Cisco Information Server with a push of a button to continue on with the software development life cycle. The Cisco Information Server applies the query optimization algorithms and techniques necessary for high-performance production operations. 

Discovery lets IT and business professionals simplify and accelerate the requirements gathering and data validation process; not only speeding time to solution, but also ensuring that end solution meets the business objectives.

Key capabilities:

CIS Discovery helps you simplify the upfront data modeling process to accelerate your data virtualization projects.  Discovery lets you:

  • Uncover Data Sources – Locate relevant entities across multiple silos in your complex data environment.
  • Discover Relationships –  Reveal data relationships across disparate entities using formal keys and fuzzy matching. This provides greater insight into a complex data environment to accelerate data modeling and improves project planning and design.
  • Data Virtualization Modeling – Shape and refine data models in a rich graphical environment, enabling simple and flexible data modeling. Modeling capabilities include:
      - Pragmatic bottom up data modeling – build models from the ground up with metadata tied to actual data sources.
      - Easy-to-use design functions – capabilities includes transformation, filtering, parameter passing.
      - Agile SQL builder – CIS’ unique SQL builder enables automatic SQL code generation using simple menu selection methods, without needing to know SQL.
      - Adaptable rules engine – Provide hints to the relationship discovery process to improve matching accuracy.
    • Information Server Integration – Transfer models to Cisco Information Server with one click, enabling fast and seamless deployment.


    CIS Discovery helps to accelerate data discovery, data modeling, and requirements validation activities.


    • Faster Time to Solution – Accelerates the data relationship finding and modeling process. Users can eliminate time and effort typically employed in uncovering the entities and relationships necessary to build data models. Accelerating these initial steps of the project reduces overall project time.
    • Accuracy – CIS Discovery helps align data’s business and technical contexts, facilitating greater collaboration between business and IT professionals. Discovery’s ability to display meta-data in an easy-to-read format allows users to easily validate requirements with greater confidence. More accurate validation at the front-end of the project reduces corrective actions in downstream steps.
    • Focus – Discovery’s ease-of-use and automation reduces the need for data modeling expertise.  Project team members can now redirect these efforts toward business application development.