The Cisco Data Virtualization Platform

Demo: Introduction to Cisco’s Data Virtualization Platform

Watch a 2-minute demonstration of how Cisco’s Data Virtualization Platform works. See how dynamic enterprises are staying ahead of the game by integrating data from many disparate sources.

The Cisco Data Virtualization Platform’s streamlined approach to data integration helps you gain more insight from your data, respond faster to ever changing analytics and BI needs, evolve your data management approach successfully and save 50-75% over data replication and consolidation.

Backed by nearly a decade of pioneering R&D and enterprise-scale deployments, and supported with world class services offerings, the Cisco Data Virtualization Platform addresses the toughest information challenges at the world’s most complex organizations.

The Cisco Data Virtualization Platform

The Data You Want, The Way You Want IT

The Cisco Data Virtualization Platform empowers your people with instant access to all the data they want, the way they want it.

  • Complete information – Business needs the complete picture.  Cisco’s data federation technology virtually integrates data from multiple sources, without the cost and overhead of physical data consolidation.
  • Up-to-the-minute information – Cisco’s query optimization algorithms and techniques are fastest in the industry, delivering the timely information business requires without impacting source system performance.
  • Fit-for-purpose information – Incredible complexity challenges IT’s ability to meet business’s diverse information needs. Cisco’s powerful data abstraction functions simplify complex data, transforming it from native structures and syntax into easy-to-understand business views and data services.

Respond Faster to Ever Changing Analytic and BI Needs

Time-to-solution with the Cisco Data Virtualization Platform is typically five to ten times faster than traditional data integration methods.

  • Streamlined process – Building business views and data services in Cisco is far faster, with far fewer moving parts, than building physical data stores and filling them using ETL.
  • Rapid IT response – Cisco’s reusable views and services, flexible data virtualization architecture, and automated impact analysis provide the IT agility required to keep pace with business change.
  • Quick iterations – Prototyping new solutions is far faster with Cisco DV. Cisco’s rapid development tools surface live data in just minutes, enabling extraordinary business and IT collaboration.

End-to-End Data Management

With the Cisco Data Virtualization Platform, treats your data like an asset, with full governance and control.

  • Data Discovery – Cisco’s introspection and unique-in-the-industry data discovery uncover existing information assets, unlocking them for valuable new uses.
  • Standards-based – Cisco’s numerous standards-based access and delivery options support all the information types business users require.
  • Data Governance – Information is a critical asset. To maximize control, Cisco’s data governance centralizes metadata management, ensures data security, improves data quality and provides full auditability and lineage.

Complete Data Virtualization Lifecycle Support

The Cisco Data Virtualization Platform supports a complete data virtualization software development lifecycle while enabling high reliability operations.

  • Setup – Operations teams use the Manager within the Cisco Information Server to provide source access, control security and manage metadata and more.
  • Data Analysis – During the requirements development and high-level design phase, CIS Discovery helps discover and model key entities and relationships.
  • Development – Developers use Studio, Cisco’s easy-to-use development environment to create business views and data services.
    • Rich tools enable complex federation and transformation functions.
    • Automated code generators save time and streamline the work.
    • Standard CIS Adapters simplify access and publication development activities.
    • CIS Adapters, with pre-built objects for leading ERP suites and SQL to MDX translators, further automate and accelerate critical view and data service development activities.

  • Run Time – At run time, the Cisco Information Server’s query engine – the data virtualization performance leader – securely queries, federates, abstracts and delivers business information on demand.

    • Cisco’s query optimization algorithms and techniques are state-of-the-art, with cost and rules based optimizers leveraging multiple join algorithms, predicate push down, parallelism, result streaming and more.
    • Multiple caching options provide additional speed and flexibility.
    • CIS Adapters intelligently evaluate and leverage underlying data source capabilities to ensure optimal performance.

  • Management – Enhancing the Cisco Information Server’s scalable architecture, CIS Monitor and CIS Active Cluster provide the monitoring, load balancing, high availability and failover required for reliable, 24X7 enterprise-level operations.