Composite Monitor provides a comprehensive, real-time view of your Composite Data Virtualization Platform environment. Whether the environment is a single Composite Information Server or a cluster of instances, Monitor displays all the pertinent system health indicators necessary to assess current conditions. If processes slow down or operations fail, your IT operations staff can use these insights to guide the actions required to maintain agreed service levels.

Key capabilities:

Composite Monitor provides:

  • Intuitive Displays – Graphical displays are easy to read and interpret. You can quickly assess the state of a data virtualization environment by clicking through a few intuitive displays.
  • Configurable Alert – Turn on and off various alerts and set tolerance gradients to meet desired levels of services.
  • Logging and Audit – Twenty four hours of history is kept for review, investigation, and reporting.
  • Request Search – Easily find requests to quickly diagnose problems and trace the sources of trouble.
Real-time, comprehensive view of your data virtualization operations with Composite Monitor

Composite Monitor provides a comprehensive, real-time view of your data virtualization operations.


  • Comprehensive Coverage – Measures key health indicators available for a Composite data virtualization environment including status on servers, clients, data sources, and request. Monitor also shows request history, memory usage, and more.
  • Real Time – Obtain visibility into the current run-time environment and respond immediately if processes slow down or operations fail.
  • Native Integration with Composite – Designed specifically for a Composite Information Server based environment. No additional systems integration or custom set up required.