CIS Adapters simplify and accelerate high-performance access to a wide range of data sources including popular enterprise applications, relational and multi-dimensional data sources, “big data” stores, as well as Web content.

Beyond simple metadata (schema) mapping and lowest common denominator access standards such as ODBC or JDBC offered by other vendors, CIS Adapters provide performance optimization capabilities and development acceleration.  Key capabilities include:

  • Certified Vendor-Specific Connectivity API – Access proprietary data using vendor-approved access methods;
  • Interactive Metadata (Schema) Mapping – Enable fast and accurate modeling;
  • Standard SQL to Vendor-specific SQL Resolution –Ensure precise SQL translation and execution; 
  • Statistical Analysis and Cardinality Estimation – Accumulate critical metrics used by CIS’s cost-based optimizer;
  • Capability Introspection and Coordination – Determine configurations, functionality, and parameters required to enable optimal performance; 
  • Vendor-specific Engineered Functions – Supercharge performance beyond vendor’s standard capabilities;
  • Relational Representation of Source Data – Standardize data structures to accelerate development; and
  • Business Canonical Abstraction of Source Data – Standardize data semantics to simplify development.

Popular Enterprise Applications

For SAP, Oracle, Siebel, and applications, CIS Adapters provide far more than simple access, adding value by delivering hundreds of the most common application objects such as invoices, shipments, customers, employees, and more out-of the-box in the form of pre-built views or Web services.

  • Supported Enterprise Applications – Oracle E-business Suite, SAP R/3, Siebel,

Popular Multidimensional Data Sources

For SAP BW, Cisco’s Adapter exposes this multi-dimensional source in a relational paradigm enabling your broader SQL-skilled development community to leverage this important data in a far wider set of use cases and analysis tools.

Additional Data Sources

For common enterprise data sources, CIS Adapters intelligently evaluate and leverage underlying data source capabilities to ensure optimal federated query performance.

  • Supported Data Sources – Greenplum, Hadoop/Hive, HP Vertica, IBM DB2 , IBM Informix, IBM Netezza, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Oracle MySQL, SAP Sybase, SAP Sybase IQ and Teradata