Data Virtualization Café


What is the Data Virtualization Café?

The Data Virtualization Café or DV Café is a microsite 100% dedicated to the topic of data virtualization. You can think of the DV Café as your destination for all things data virtualization.

The DV Café includes a wide range of data virtualization information including:

  • The latest data virtualization news articles from leading media such as the BeyeNETWORK, DBTA, Information Management, ITBusinessEdge, SearchDataManagement, Virtualization Magazine, and more.
  • The most relevant data virtualization research reports from thought leaders at analysts firms such as Gartner, Forrester, TDWI and EMA as well as data virtualization white papers from independent analysts such as Claudia Imhoff, Rick van der Lans and Colin White.
  • A diverse set of videos that address key data virtualization topics from the point of view of users, analysts, vendors and more.
  • Blog content from the Data Virtualization Leadership Blog™, data virtualization’s most complete and far-ranging blog site covering data virtualization strategy, architecture, best practices, products, business value, market trends and more.
  • Direct links to books about data virtualization.
  • Invitations to upcoming data virtualization events and web seminars.
  • Interactive discussions on diverse data virtualization topics with members of the DV (Data Virtualization) Café LinkedIn group.

Why is the DV Café needed?

Data virtualization is a hot topic today as business and IT realize data virtualization’s business agility, time-to-solution and resource savings benefits. As a result, numerous new articles, research reports, white papers, videos and other content become available every day. If you are interested in data virtualization, how do you keep up?
With the DV Café, staying abreast of key data virtualization trends and insights is now much easier. Not only is the freshest data virtualization content consolidated in a single place, the DV Café’s format make this content enjoyable to consume. Further, the DV Café’s “best of data virtualization” compilation approach, along with links to additional sources, ensures your time is used wisely. 

Who is the primary audience for the DV Café?

he DV Café is designed for multiple audiences.  If you are new to data virtualization, the DV Café can accelerate your learning curve.  If you already know about data virtualization, the DV Café can help you become an expert.  And if you are a data virtualization advocate, the DV Café can help you become a true data virtualization champion.

How is the data virtualization content published on the DV Café selected?

Content on the DV Café is selected in two ways.  In the news, video, and event sections for example, the DV Café editors select content based on audience relevance, freshness, and insightfulness.  In other areas of the site, for example the Data Virtualization Leadership Blog and the DV (Data Virtualization) Café LinkedIn group, content are syndicated from these specialized data virtualization sources.

Who provides the content for the DV Café?

With its emergence in the data management mainstream, data virtualization is a hot topic across a range of enterprises, media, analysts, vendors and more.  The editors of the DV Café do their best to select content from these diverse sources based on relevance, freshness, and more as mentioned above. 

How often is the content on the DV Café updated?

Because data virtualization is a dynamic topic with new information and insights published daily, the DV Café is updated daily.

How can you contribute to the DV Café site?

The editors at the DV Café value high quality, high impact data virtualization content from any source.  If you have something to contribute, please send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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