Cloud Data Silos Constrain Analytics and BI Success

While Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offer applications and resources at an attractive, pay-as-you-go price, they also create silos of data that are difficult to access by your analytics and BI solutions.

Further to get a complete picture, every cloud source must also be integrated with your existing data warehouses, applications and big data sources, typically using new integration methods rather than traditional direct database queries and ETL script techniques.

For example, when you integrate data from a SaaS provider such as with an on-premise customer data warehouse, you will need:

  • deep knowledge of salesforce’s APIs,
  • a common semantic definition that rationalizes terms and structures
  • the ability to query data through a firewall across the Web
  • on-demand, rather than batch mode, integration operations


Cloud Data Integration

Unify cloud and enterprise data with ease

Cisco Simplifies Cloud Data Integration

The Cisco Data Virtualization Platform allows enterprises like yours to flexibly integrate cloud and on-premise data as you require so your business users can gain better insight from your cloud data.

Key cloud data integration capabilities include:

  • Rapid, Standard-based Development – Cisco data virtualization supports a wide range of cloud based sources and consumers via industry-standard APIs that simplify and speed new development.
  • Internet-friendly Data Services – Data integration services authored and run by Cisco are perfectly suited to operate across the Internet.
  • Lowest Cost Approach – Because Cisco data virtualization accesses, federates, abstracts and delivers queried data on demand, no additional cloud-based data storage is needed.
  • Safe and Secure – Further, Cisco data virtualization’s support of multiple security models ensures proper authentication, authorization and encryption both on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Rich Suite of Data Source Adapters – Cisco data virtualization easily integrates with popular SaaS applications such as, IaaS cloud-hosted applications such as SAP and Oracle E-Business.

Data Virtualization with the Cloud Demo

Selected Examples

  • Sales Compensation In The Cloud – With required data from on-premises SAP order management and financial systems as well as cloud-based, sales compensation reporting and analysis was a challenge.  Using the Cisco Data Virtualization Platform, the company built a virtual sales compensation data mart as the unified source for sales compensation insight.
  • Bank Builds an Internal Data Cloud – To improve timely data access for business analysts and applications globally, a top ten money center bank built an internal data cloud using the Cisco Data Virtualization Platform. Now multiple consuming solutions—anywhere in the world—can immediately access the latest positions, trades, and reference data.