Increase Visibility and Transparency

With internal and external scrutiny higher than ever before, enterprises today face unprecedented corporate governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance requirements.

No longer just the domain of a select group of auditors, governance risk and compliance (GRC) is now an enterprisewide concern, with timely access to enterprisewide information the critical ingredient.

Cisco Data Virtualization Solutions for Governance, Risk & Compliance

Enterprises in multiple industries rely on the Cisco Data Virtualization Platform to provide the transparent view of diverse, distributed information required in support of a range of governance, risk and compliance initiatives and applications.

Cisco data virtualization is a more agile, lower cost data integration approach that helps you successfully integrate diverse governance, risk and compliance data and thereby gain significant business benefits including:

  • Increase Revenues – Channel funding to highest ROI initiatives and reduce investment in lower yield activities
  • Improve Productivity – Streamline governance, risk and compliance reporting processes
  • Reduce Costs – Avoid long data integration development cycles and excess data replication
  • Decrease Risk – Provide complete, 360° view of enterprisewide risk across all sources
  • Ensure Compliance – Meet government compliance data requirements faster, for less

Selected Examples

  • Product Pipeline Governance – More effective product pipeline governance was the goal at this pharmaceutical company.  With most development lab and related project information distributed internally and externally, users had to access separate systems to extract, compile, and assemble reports, slowing decision making. Cisco data virtualization simplifies access and improves visibility into disparate R&D silos to enable proper governance over the product pipeline.
  • Risk Management – This financial institution wanted to continuously monitor exposure to a range of risks including customer defaults, interest rates changes, and more.  To achieve this, they needed to aggregate single views of institution-wide market, credit and operational risks. With critical information residing in disparate systems: trading systems, portfolio applications, account systems, and more, Cisco data virtualization now continuously integrates this data, institution-wide, helping ensure accurate, up-to-the-minute risk assessments.
  • Regulatory Reporting – To meet the demand for hundreds of compliance reports required by the EPA, OSHA, DOT, and many other federal and state agencies, this energy company sought a more virtualized data integration strategy.  Because internal systems were set up for operations, not compliance, integrating the data was the biggest component in their compliance reporting costs. Cisco data virtualization quickly and easily federates this diverse data from across their operational systems, leaving operating data in place and avoiding the extra costs of unnecessary data replication.