Providing a Superior Customer Experience

Customers are king. With existing customers providing the greatest profit margins, successful customer acquisition, care and retention ensures a successful business.

While everyone understands that providing an excellent customer experience is the best way to retain these customers and ensure a long, profitable relationship, few enterprises are able to deliver the customer experience desired.

Why?  The problem is frequently poor data integration resulting in a lack of understanding of the full customer experience. 

Simply put huge investments in CRM systems, marketing analytics, customer self-service and more have resulted in islands of nonintegrated automation and inconsistent, inaccessible, and incomplete data. And traditional data integration approaches such as MDM, data quality and data consolidation alone have proven only partial solutions to this critical challenge.

Cisco Data Virtualization Solutions for Customer Experience Management

Enterprises in multiple industries rely on the Cisco Data Virtualization Platform to integrate the customer experience information required to ensure profitable customer relationships.

Cisco data virtualization is a more agile, lower cost data integration approach that lets you successfully fulfill complex, dispersed customer-related source data requirements more quickly and easily than traditional data consolidation or replication approaches. 

Cisco improves your customer experience, delivering significant business benefits including:

  • Increase Revenues – Attract new customers, retain and upsell existing customers
  • Improve Productivity – Discover and respond to customer issues faster
  • Reduce Costs – Lower customer acquisition, care and retention costs
  • Decrease Risk – Minimize churn with a complete view of customer experience
  • Ensure Compliance – Meet customer data quality standards more easily

Selected Examples

  • Customer Revenue Analysis – To maximize revenue per customer and customer service levels, this European mobile phone operator uses Cisco data virtualization to combine customer service data from their customer reporting data warehouse, billing data from their financial systems, and call and configuration data from their operational support systems to deliver a single view of customers to their customer service representatives.  Faster issue resolution and more productive up-sell programs reduce churn and increase revenues.
  • Marketing Campaign Analysis – To measure the effectiveness of marketing programs targeting independent investment managers, this mutual fund company uses Cisco data virtualization to combine customer master and CRM data from, web analytics data from Unica, email marketing campaign data from StrongMail, and trades and positions data from back office processor DST.  Integrating data across sources demonstrates the full impact of any particular campaign, enabling faster immediate response for revenue today and more effective marketing investments for revenue in the future.
  • Merchandising – Effective merchandising with the right products, the right product mix, and the right product placement is often the difference between profit and loss. Cisco data virtualization combines historical data warehouse sales information, up-to-the-minute point-of-sales information and supply chain inventories anytime, day or night, to help retailers make the timely merchandising mix decisions that maximize revenue and customer satisfaction.