Information Demands Outstrip IT Resources

With IT teams facing severe resource constraints, the queue of user requests to develop and revise reports, dashboards and analytic applications is growing.

As a result business users are adopting self-service “mashup” approaches to integrate and present data.

Mashups Fill the Gap

Data mashups virtually integrate and surface the diverse enterprise data.  While presentation mashups are used to compose and visualize this data.

Data Virtualization Simplifies Data Mashups

Data Virtualization simplifies and accelerates data mashup development.

Data mashup developers use the Cisco Data Virtualization Platform to quickly and easily discover, access, abstract, federate and deliver data.

By supporting a range of interface standards including REST, SOAP over HTTP, JMS, POX over HTTP, JSON over HTTP, ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET, your presentation mashup developers can quickly and easily leverage all the data that Cisco Information Server provides.

Data Mashups

Data Mashups are Easier To Build With Data Virtualization

Forrester Research Defines Data Mashup Requirements

In its July 2009 report Mighty Mashups: Do-It-Yourself Business Intelligence for the New Economy, Forrester Research recommends that overstretched IT teams adopt self-service, mashup-style business intelligence as a way to better support the business.

Due to the myriad of data sources and complexity of data models typical in large enterprises today.  Automated source discovery and virtualized data access were recommended as key data mashup enablers.

Cisco’s Data Mashup Solution Confirmed by Forrester

Cisco was one of two vendors included in the report who met the majority of capabilities including data virtualization/EII, interactive browser-based visualization, and automated source discovery. Pfizer’s use of Cisco data virtualization was highlighted by Forrester in their report.

Selected Examples

  • Mashing-up Research Data to Speed Time to Market – Cisco data virtualization helps pharmaceutical research scientists quickly mashup heterogeneous research, clinical trial, FDA submission data, and more.  This improves decision making and thereby accelerates time to market and revenue for new drugs.
  • Mashing-up Sales Management Data to Increase Productivity – To provide sales managers with the information required to more effectively manage their team and increase revenues, this organization used Cisco data virtualization to mashup highly sensitive prescriptions, sales compensation, expenses, and physician visits data.