Information is the life blood of the financial services industry. Financial institutions that successfully integrate their disparate data by turning distributed data silos into competitive information assets are the ones who will lead in this ever dynamic industry.

Cisco Data Virtualization Solutions for Financial Services

Financial services companies, including ten of the top twenty global money center banks and leading investment managers, rely on the Cisco Data Virtualization Platform, to provide the diverse information required across a range of strategic initiatives and business-critical IT projects.

Cisco data virtualization is a more agile, lower cost data integration approach that successfully addresses financial instrument and product line data silos and delivers significant business benefits including:

  • Increase Revenues – Accelerate time to market for new information-based offerings
  • Improve Productivity – Ensure analysts and client representatives have all the information they require
  • Reduce Costs – Avoid long data integration development cycles and excess data replication
  • Decrease Risk – Provide institution-wide visibility across positions and activities
  • Ensure Compliance – Meet compliance data requirements faster, for less

Selected Examples

  • Reference Data Sharing – Reference data facilitates rapid, error-free execution of financial transactions and analysis across multiple geographical markets.  Cisco data virtualization provides a single virtual source for reference data and enables federation of additional master and operational data to complete a financial transaction or analysis.
  • Prime Brokerage Reporting – Today’s financial services customers are more sophisticated and want information beyond just positions and trades – they want tools to help them optimize their portfolios, trading strategies, hedging strategies. Having the right information is critical to providing your customers with superior service. Whether for internal or external use, you need to create thousands of standard and customized reports that differentiate your offerings from those of your competition. Cisco data virtualization provides the data needed so you can to quickly and accurately build and modify the reports required to meet your prime customers’ ever-changing demands. Further, Cisco data virtualization’s high performance queries let you deliver tens of thousands of reports daily, giving your customers all the information the want, whenever they want it.
  • Risk Management – Financial institutions must continuously monitor exposure to a range of risks including customer defaults, interest rates changes, and more. Aggregating a single view of institution-wide risk lets you better manage market, credit and operational risks. The single biggest obstacle to deploying a risk management solution is data: data quality, data availability and data access. Critical information resides in disparate systems: trading systems, portfolio applications, account systems, and more. Cisco data virtualization integrates this data, in real-time, helping you ensure timely, and accurate risk assessments.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Financial services industry is the most dynamic industries on the globe. Mergers and acquisitions that enhance market position or add offerings are frequent. Cross-selling and cost reductions justify these strategic moves. However duplicate systems are a significant hurdle. Cisco data virtualization lets you virtually federate data from across these duplicate systems so you can gain merger synergies sooner.
  • Financial Analysis and Trading – Typical financial institutions maintain multi-terabyte research databases. Financial analysts, using a variety of analytical and financial engineering applications, analyze this data hundreds of ways as they seek trading opportunities. Cisco lets you provide a virtual data layer between your disparate financial research databases and your analytics. This abstracted layer simplifies and reduces analyst time spent on data access. As a result, your analysts spend more time performing the valuable data analyses that your traders and customers can leverage for greater profits.
  • Compliance Reporting – Key regulatory initiatives from anti-money laundering to Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley are a fact of life consuming an ever greater share of your IT spend each year. Because internal systems have been optimized for operations, not compliance, integrating the data needed from across these systems is often the biggest component in your compliance reporting costs. Cisco data virtualization quickly and easily federates diverse data from across your operational systems, leaving your operating data in place so you can avoid the extra costs that result from unnecessary data replication.