Independent software vendors (ISVs) are in a race. Expand product capabilities. Attract new customers. Implement successfully and grow sales in existing customers. Integrate with a seemingly endless list of hardware, middleware, and applications. And get all this done ahead of your emerging and elephant competitors so you don’t go out of business.

Innovative ISVs realize they cannot win by going it alone. A complementary data integration solution can be a big help when an ISV’s product offering needs to integrate data from multiple heterogeneous sources.

Composite Data Virtualization Solutions for Independent Software Vendors

The Composite Information Server and complementary products such as Composite PerformancePlus Adapters enhances any ISVs product offering that leverages data from more than one source.

Composite data virtualization is a more agile, lower cost data integration approach that successfully fulfills complex multi-source data requirements and delivers significant business benefits including:

  • Increase Revenues – Increase the value of offerings by supporting more data sources
  • Improve Productivity – Focus your resources on your unique differentiators and leave the heavy-duty data integration problems to us
  • Reduce Costs – Save in-house engineering time and resources
  • Decrease Risk – Reduce deployment time and data integration complications in the field
  • Ensure Compliance – Stay abreast of new data integration methods and standards

Composite: Top Choice by Leading ISVs

A wide range of ISVs use Composite to solve their data integration challenges.

  • IBM Cognos, SAS – Composite expands data access for their BI and Performance Management offerings.
  • BMC and HP – Composite integrates internal and customer system management data into their higher end enterprise IT management applications.
  • Pitney Bowes – Composite provides access to difficult to reach master data and operational data from popular packaged applications giving CDQP users the insights needed to enhance customer loyalty and lifetime value
  • Tripos – Composite integrates relevant data to extend the reach of their leading pharmaceutical solution.
  • Netezza – Composite integrates multiple Netezza appliances to maximize scaling and deployment flexibility and scaling.

Composite: ISV Friendly Business Partner

Composite is very ISV friendly and a great business and technical partner

  • Easily Embeddable –  Modern, standards-based, open technology with a light footprint, Composite products are easy to embed. Keep your engineering and implementation costs low.
  • Easy to Do Business With – Composite is flexible, seeking the win-win-win solution for Composite, our ISV customer, and their end customers. If it makes sense, let’s try it.
  • Proven Partner – Composite has succeeded because we have helped a number of ISVs succeed. Along the way, we have faced and solved nearly every problem in the book. Leverage our success as well as our products.

There are many examples of how our partners have combined Composite data integration with their unique solutions.

Selected Examples

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions – Provide insightful reporting, dashboards, or scorecards using any data from throughout your end customer’s enterprise, not just the data you have traditionally supported. Composite provides optimized data integration from disparate sources, so business intelligence and reporting vendors can focus on the presentation and analysis of information.
  • Enterprise System Management Tools – Winning an enterprise level system management tool deal requires you integrate with departmental and technology specific tools. Composite enables your systems management suite to tap into the various tools throughout the enterprise to provide your users a comprehensive view of the health of their IT environment.
  • CDI-MDM Applications – Your mission is to manage master data. But your customer’s master data lives in disparate systems, some of which are very complex and difficult to access, such as SAP and other packaged applications. Composite provides non-invasive data access that lets you feed your master data hubs with the real-time data they require.
  • Business Process Management and Workflow Suites – You are process integration experts. But every process queries data.  Sometimes the queries are simple. Sometimes complex. Composite enables your customers to easily integrate disparate, multi-source data so that you can support their most challenging business processes.
  • Data Quality Solutions – Data access is the first step in a multi-step data quality process. But your customer’s “dirty” data is spread throughout there heterogeneous systems and diverse silos. Much of the data is complex and difficult to access, for example packaged applications such as Oracle Ebusiness Suite, Siebel, PeopleSoft, and SAP. Composite provides non-invasive data access that lets you access the data you need to cleanse.
  • Risk and Compliance Management Applications – End customers demand that risk and compliance management application provide complete visibility to all sources of risk all areas of compliance. Without all available information, users cannot evaluate true risk or report full compliance. Composite helps ensure every critical data source is considered.
  • Supply Chain Management Software – To provide an effective supply chain management offering, you need excellent algorithms, powerful workbenches, and the data to feed them.  Composite access and integrates this data from across your end-customers’ supply chains.
  • Packaged Application Implementation – Every enterprise-scale packaged application, whether installed on site or delivered in a software-as-a-service mode, requires some form of data integration with unique end-customers sources. Because you need to do this custom consulting every time you implement, why not optimize this activity with Composite. Cut your implement time and costs.

ISV/OEM Sales Contact

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