Businesses Require 360° Views

As competition accelerates, the business case for gaining a 360° view of your customers, products, and employees is compelling.

  • 360° View of Customers - Sell additional offerings to existing customers.  Improve satisfaction. Reduce churn.
  • 360° View of Products - Optimize supply chain decisions. Eliminate duplicate products. Cut costs.
  • 360° View of Employees - Improve employee productivity. Enable HR self-service. Increase retention.

Master Data Management Applications Are Just a Start

Master data management applications maintain and control critical master data. However, master data management applications alone cannot fully support all your diverse business requirements.

Complementary solutions are needed to integrate related data such as order histories, inventory balances, and payroll records maintained outside your master data management hubs across a myriad of complex, disparate data silos.

Cisco Data Virtualization Finishes the Job

Achieving a full 360° view of your customers, products, and employees is where Cisco’s Data Virtualization Platform comes in, enabling fast, easy federation of complementary transactional and historical data.

Cisco data virtualization is “one-stop virtual shop” for all your customer, product, and employee data, providing the insight your business needs to win in today’s competitive marketplace.

The Cisco Data Virtualization Platform can easily integrate with any of the leading master data management applications in the market today as well as custom developed master data management solutions.

Master Data Management

Cisco Data Virtualization Provides the 360° View

Selected Examples

Telco Gains 360° View of Customer

To maximize revenue per customer and customer service levels, client service reps at a European mobile phone operator needed a 360° view of its customers. Cisco provided it, federating:

  • customer master data from their MDM hub
  • service history data from their CRM system
  • billing data from their financial systems
  • call history and configuration data from the operational support systems

With Cisco data virtualization, faster issue resolution and more productive up-sell programs are reducing churn and increasing revenues.

PC Manufacturer Optimizes Supply Chain

To optimize manufacturing efficiency and customer delivery, supply chain planners at a leading PC provider needed a global 360° view of product supply and demand data.  With Cisco data virtualization, the company now combines:

  • product data from its master data hub
  • customer demand data from its order entry systems
  • inventory data from its distribution systems
  • work-in-process data from its manufacturing operations

Using this up-to-the-minute data from Cisco, orders are fulfilled more quickly, thereby improving customer satisfaction, accelerating revenue, and increasing inventory turns.

Bank Provides 360° View of Employee Benefits
To ensure retention, employees at a money center bank needed a 360° view of its total compensation via a self-service employee benefits portal. With Cisco data virtualization, the bank now federates:

  • PeopleSoft HRMS
  • myriad internal benefits and compensation systems
  • external payroll services

Securely exposing this information improves retention and lessens HR staff workload.