Key Detail Data Lives Outside the MDM Hub

As data silos have proliferated, the business case for improving control and leveraging your master data has become compelling.

  • Customer Master Data - Grow revenue by selling additional offerings to existing customers.
  • Product Master Data - Increase supply chain efficiency by eliminating duplicate products.
  • Employee Master Data - Improve employee productivity and retention by unifying personnel information.

Multiple MDM vendors have responded to this demand. However, their applications alone cannot fully support all your requirements. Complementary data integration solutions are needed to deal with related data such as order histories, inventory balances, and payroll records maintained outside your MDM hubs across a myriad of complex, disparate data silos. 

Use Data Virtualization to Extend the Master Data and Provide a Complete 360° View

MDM hubs maintain and control critical master data attributes, but not the detailed transaction histories and other related data maintained and controlled in dozens of other systems across your extended enterprise. Composite data virtualization leverages master data from your hub as the foreign key to quickly and easily federate your master data with additional transactional and historical data so you can get a complete single view of your customer, product, and employee information.

In the integration pattern shown below, the Composite Information Server hosts new complementary views that integrate additional RDBMS and Web Service data sources as well extend an existing source, Packaged Applications.

Master Data Management Hub Extension

Use Data Virtualization to Create 360° View of Parties and Products

Selected Examples

  • Providing a 360° View of Customer Data – To maximize revenue per customer and customer service levels, this European mobile phone operator uses Composite data virtualization to combine customer service data from their customer reporting data warehouse, billing data from their financial systems, and call and configuration data from their operational support systems to deliver a 360° view of customers to their customer service representatives.  Faster issue resolution and more productive up-sell programs reduce churn and increase revenues.
  • Providing a 360° View of Employee Compensation – To ensure retention, this money center bank uses Composite to federate employee master data with myriad internal benefits and compensation systems as well external payroll services to provide the employees with a 360° view of their total compensation through a self-service employee benefits portal.  Securely exposing this information improves retention and lessens HR staff workload.