Your customers have many choices when it comes to their spending. Successful retailers know that delivering a great experience is one thing that will attract and retain their customers.

To provide this experience, retailers have invested heavily in better merchandizing, supply chain planning, and customer service systems. And while each are paying off in their own way, integrating the data from these systems helps retailers provide a more complete and compelling customer experience.

Cisco Data Virtualization Solutions for Retailers

Retailers rely on the Cisco Data Virtualization Platform to provide the diverse information required across a range of strategic initiatives and business-critical IT projects.

Cisco data virtualization is a more agile, lower cost data integration approach that successfully addresses complex retail supply chain and merchandizing data silos and delivers significant business benefits including:

  • Increase Revenues – Accelerate new store openings
  • Improve Productivity – Optimize supply chain decisions and merchandizing mix
  • Reduce Costs – Avoid long data integration development cycles and excess data replication
  • Decrease Risk – Improve visibility across regions and product lines
  • Ensure Compliance – Meet federal, state, and local compliance data requirements faster, for less

Selected Examples

  • Merchandising – Attracting customers and motivating them to buy is a continuously evolving process. Effective merchandising with the right products, the right product mix, and the right product placement could mean the difference between profit and loss.The combination of historical data warehouse information and up-to-the- minute sales information at the fingertips of a retail planner can help him make the proper merchandising decision. Cisco data virtualization lets you query your retail network at anytime to bring back all the relevant information and present it in a uniform manner to promote effective merchandising decisions.
  • Customer Care – Increased revenue per customer, increased customer retention, higher customer satisfaction, lower customer acquisition costs, and lower costs of servicing customers are but a few of the benefits of an excellent customer relationship. But retailers cannot achieve this excellence without data. Customer data exists in dozens of back and front office systems. Cisco data virtualization lets you create a virtualized single view of customer that provides real-time access to customer data across multiple underlying systems, and as your customer systems evolve, Cisco data virtualization lets you adds new data sources easily and flexibly.
  • Global Supply Chain Management – Retailers get their best margins from the hot sellers. Getting hot products into the stores at the right time can be the difference between high margins and big write downs. Clear visibility into your merchandize supply chain is required. Cisco data virtualization lets you to tap into your disparate warehouse and logistics management systems to create a unified, real-time view of your global inventory.